Spring Checklist for A Beautiful Summer Landscape

May 01, 2022

We may have had a few false starts to spring this year, which is nothing out of the ordinary here in the Pacific Northwest, but winter has seemed to hold on a bit longer. Regardless, spring has officially arrived in full force and summer really is just around the corner. So we understand if you have a bit of spring fever and a sense of urgency to get your yard in top shape with blooming flowers and a vibrant lawn. (more…)

Warm Up Your Nights With An Outdoor Fireplace Or Fire Pit

April 01, 2022

When it comes to enjoying a summer evening outside, it’s hard to beat the ambiance of a warm fire. If you are wondering how you can add fire to your landscape, it’s easier than you might think—whether we are talking about freestanding fire pits or custom-built outdoor fireplaces.  You don’t always need a lot of room for starters, and your design options for wood burning, propane or gas fireplaces, and fire pits are plenty! In fact, there are so many options, it might be a little overwhelming, so here are a few things to keep in mind. (more…)

Five Ways to Create a Natural Backyard Oasis

March 01, 2022

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. With majestic mountain ranges, rivers, lakes and streams, and the rugged coast all within driving distance, escaping urban life is relatively easy. But even so, isn’t it nice when you can just escape to your own backyard? (more…)

How To Select The Right Landscape Maintenance Partner For Your HOA

February 01, 2022

Homeowners associations (HOAs) are tasked with protecting property values by ensuring certain aesthetics are upheld, and common spaces and amenities are well maintained. Whether the HOA serves a neighborhood, condominium complex, or other planned community, landscape maintenance is a critical component to success. It also tends to be the largest budget item and HOA boards looking to cut costs may be tempted to go with the lowest bidder. While price is a valid consideration, there are other equally, if not more, important factors. (more…)

5 Landscape Transformations: From Dreams to Reality

January 03, 2022

January in the Pacific Northwest is a time when even the staunchest of rain lovers can find themselves pining for sunnier days. And though we landscapers don’t mind the rain so much, we’ll admit, things do tend to get a bit soggy this time of year and, well, yards don’t always look their best. Which is one reason we think winter is the best time to plan a yard makeover. That and the fact that spring will actually be here sooner than you think and contractor schedules fill up fast. (more…)

Six Ways To Add Cheer To Your Winter Landscape

December 01, 2021

While the warm glow of holiday lights brightens the December landscape, Pacific Northwest yards tend to fade into a gray-green mono-scape once the lights come down and winter settles in. As landscapers, we embrace all the seasons–even winter–and we design yards with four seasons in mind. This goes beyond plantings. Yes, evergreen plants, shrubs, and trees are a mainstay, but there are many ways to add year-round interest and cheer to your yard. Here are some of our favorites. (more…)

Simple Solutions to Soggy Lawns & Muddy Paws

November 01, 2021

We love our dogs and doting on our furry companions is a favorite pastime. But come the rainy season, aka the muddy season, maintaining a beautiful landscape and keeping the outdoors, well, outdoors, can be a bit challenging with a dog of any size. Is it even possible to keep a beautiful landscape with a dog? 

We get this question often and the answer is always yes! (more…)

Trends In Landscape Design: Great Ideas and Must Haves for Your Yard

October 01, 2021

We’ve been watching the landscape trends and have some ideas to help you build the yard of your dreams. Lives are busy, and your yard should provide a sanctuary so we’re seeing more automation, easy-care, and an overall simplification of gardens and hardscapes. Who has the time to put into creating and maintaining a formal English garden anymore? (more…)

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas and Essentials

September 01, 2021

Dining al fresco is hard to beat. There’s just something extra special about enjoying a meal with family or friends outside in the fresh air. Here in the Pacific Northwest, where we are blessed with a relatively temperate climate, outdoor dining is possible nearly year-round. It’s no wonder outdoor kitchens are hugely popular. And with today’s all-weather appliances and other amenities available the design possibilities are endless! (more…)

Top Tips for A Water-Wise Landscape

August 02, 2021

Here in the Willamette Valley, we are blessed with streams, rivers, and lakes aplenty and water is seemingly everywhere. Yet in spite of all this water and our rain-soaked reputation, summers in the Pacific Northwest can be on the dry side. In times of drought—like the drought we are currently in—water conservation becomes a real concern. (more…)

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