Month: August 2014

Portland Landscapers Discuss the Underground Workings of a French Drain [Infographic]

August 29, 2014

Portland Landscapers French DrainWant to learn more about French drains, how they work and how they can help transform a soggy lawn? The Portland landscaping experts at Landscape East & West have created a fun and informative infographic that answers these questions and many more. Learn about some common uses for French drains as well as advantages of this particular drainage system. Plus, get some fun facts about our local climate! Did you know that of Portland, Oregon’s average 40 inches of rainfall per year, 55% occurs in just a four month span? It’s true! (more…)

Residential Portland Landscaping: A Photo Tour

August 27, 2014

When it comes to residential landscaping maintenance, we’re talking about more than mowing and weeding. As an award-winning and trusted Portland landscaping company, we do more than keep your lawn lush and green. We examine the overall health of your yard, trees and garden and are sure to implement plans that are meant to nurture them throughout the year. Our expert team handles everything from fertilizing and pruning to irrigation and pest management. We invite you to learn more about our residential landscaping services. (more…)

Portland Landscaping Maintenance Done Right: Not Mow, Blow & Go

August 18, 2014

Portland Landscaping MaintenanceWhen it comes to Portland landscaping maintenance, it doesn’t make sense to hire three or four services—one for the lawn, one for trimming trees and bushes, another for irrigation system needs, and so forth. Rather, we recommend hiring a full-service landscaping company who can take care of every aspect of your yard’s health as needed. Today we’re talking about the difference between a full-service residential landscaping firm and the “mow, blow, and go” operations that cut the grass, blow away leaves, and take off. Hiring piecemeal for your landscaping services may seem like a way to save money. But the truth is that only full-service Portland landscaping contractors can care for your yard’s long-term health, in much the same way that a family doctor has the breadth of knowledge to care for your whole body’s health. (more…)