Month: January 2024

Choosing a Covered Structure for Beauty and Functionality

January 26, 2024

Landscaping professionals harness human creativity to seamlessly integrate manmade structures with the natural environment, creating a functional and enjoyable space. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that often means adding a covered structure that offers protection from our abundance of rain. At Landscape East & West, we are experts at designing practical covered shelters that add a layer of functionality while also adding to the charm of area landscapes.  (more…)

Transform Your Winter Landscape From Mudpit to Magnificent

January 02, 2024

Flying into the Portland International Airport this time of year, you’ll see how lush and beautiful our state is, with healthy forests and huge swaths of bright green grass. But upon closer inspection from the ground, those lovely lawns can look downright soggy and muddy. This time of year is when Oregonians begin to question just how much rain their lawn can absorb before they’re left with an unwanted swimming hole right in their own backyard.  (more…)