3 Ways to Save Money on Your HOA Water Bill

October 20, 2011

HOA MaintenanceFrom Portland to Lake Oswego, landscaping is one of the first things that HOA maintenance boards think about when looking for ways to cut expenses. It’s no wonder, considering that landscaping often represents a large portion of an HOA budget.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to save money on HOA maintenance. Planting low-maintenance shrubs, for instance, can reduce landscaping spending by decreasing the number of hours spent on pruning.  Eliminating or reducing lawn and replacing with low-maintenance shrubs can also greatly reduce hours and costs.  Reducing water usage is another route to HOA landscape savings. Try the three suggestions listed below to lower your community’s landscaping water bill and enjoy lower HOA maintenance fees.

1. Install a low-maintenance irrigation system.

If your HOA-governed community is working with an older irrigation system, Portland and Lake Oswego landscaping experts would recommend considering upgrading to a newer, more water-efficient system. A modern low-maintenance irrigation system can keep your grounds looking lush while shrinking your water bill by as much as 30 percent over traditional systems.

2. Test for and repair irrigation system leaks.

Drips are a drain on your budget. If your irrigation system hasn’t been checked for leaks lately, doing so can help cut down on waste and save money. Some landscaping companies even offer leak checks as a part of their regular HOA maintenance packages.

3. Synchronize water usage to weather conditions.

The next time you see a sprinkler and irrigation system running in the middle of a rainstorm, think about how much water (and money!) that HOA landscape committee is wasting. Why pay for water when it’s falling from the sky for free? Advanced irrigation systems include capabilities for remotely adjusting watering cycles according to weather patterns, eliminating double watering on rainy days.