Landscaping in Beaverton: Top Native Plants for Your Landscape

April 26, 2011

sword fernIn landscape management, native plants are becoming more and more popular in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reasons. Native plants often require less upkeep since they are already accustomed to the climate. They also are relatively easy to grow. The following are five of the most interesting and popular native species you should ask your landscaping company about for your next project.

1. Shooting Stars
Also called dodecatheon, shooting stars feature arching displays of brilliant pink or purple petals and a yellow center. They are extremely resistant to disease and pests, and when sited correctly, will slowly spread and populate nearby woodland or rocky areas.

2. Evergreen Huckleberry
There are many types of edible fruits native to the Pacific Northwest, but the evergreen huckleberry tops them all. This species is easy to maintain, hearty, and will attract birds to your garden. They are also quite delicious in pies, jams, or sauces.

3. Sword Fern
When it comes to landscaping, Beaverton and Portland area residents are lucky to have so many evergreens to choose from, such as this sturdy species. The sword fern can live in both dry and moist environments, will thrive in a shady location, but can also do quite well in a sunny spot if given enough water.

4. Camas
With its vivid blue petals and bright green blades, this native species is easy to grow and nearly drought resistant. It is perfect for full-sun yards and is resistant to most garden pests. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of landscape management you’ll need to do, include camas in your original design.

5. Wild Rose
Nothing says Portland like a rose garden, but the wild roses native to the Pacific Northwest are nothing like your grandma’s tea-time varieties. They are adaptable to most climates and like big areas in which they can spread out and create fantastic webs of color. If you have a large fence or pergola, consider a native wild rose cover.

For more ideas on native plants and sustainable landscape services, contact your local landscaping Beaverton company. Landscape East & West services the entire metro area, with two locations in Portland and Hillsboro.