4 Landscape Lighting Tips to Increase Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal

November 03, 2011

Outdoor-Lighting-LED-UplightsLess daylight and less flattering weather conditions contribute to a weaker housing market in the winter months. Oftentimes, winter landscapes are drab and dreary. To top it off, potential homebuyers often view homes in the late afternoon and evening, when it’s already dark in the winter.

If you’re trying to sell your home this winter, one way to increase curb appeal is to install handsome outdoor lighting that will draw homebuyers to your door like moths to a flame. Portland and Lake Oswego landscaping experts recommend the following outdoor lighting ideas for increasing your home’s winter curb appeal.

1. Honestly evaluate your home from the curb.

Portland Outdoor LightingIt might sound silly, but the first step in boosting your home’s curb appeal is taking an honest assessment of how it looks at night. Step outside into the street and look for dark areas that seem unsafe; add path or motion-sensor lights there. Also notice if your favorite landscaping elements become completely invisible after dark; consider adding outdoor lighting accents to draw the eye. For instance, Tigard and Lake Oswego landscaping often includes Japanese maple trees. Even in the winter, the twisty branches make these showy trees the perfect target for outdoor lighting.

It’s also smart to ask your visitors where they would prefer to see more light – oftentimes, homeowners are so accustomed to their daily lighting situation that they can’t even see where it could be improved. A fresh pair of eyes is handy at such times. Take a straw poll of your acquaintances to gather outdoor lighting ideas.

2. Light the path.

Outdoor Lighting for PathsHome walk-throughs are often extremely brief affairs, namely because homeowners often get a gut reaction soon after setting eyes on a house. Because first impressions are key, that stroll up to the door can be quite influential on a homebuyer’s final decision. Make it a charming experience by installing low voltage path lights along your front walk. These outdoor lighting enhancements will add a cheery geometry to your front yard.

3. Draw attention to outdoor living areas.

Homebuyers aren’t entirely without imagination – they can see the potential in your home’s patio or protected backyard area. If your property includes a natural space for outdoor entertaining, accent it by adding string lights. Even in the dreary winter, string lights can remind homebuyers of the warmer weather to come – and your home’s potential as a social destination.

4. Highlight architectural features.

Deck-lightingUp lights or can lights can show off the best architectural details your home has to offer. For instance, if your home has graceful columns, adding spotlights in the eaves will make the columns even more striking.