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Springtime Landscaping and Gardening Tips

May 2018

Enjoy Your Beautiful Spring Garden Spring officially began on March 20th and this year the spectacular Pacific Northwest cherry blossoms arrived right on time. Since then spring has been blooming all around us. While we may have some gray skies and rainy days ahead, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by a rainbow of colorful flowers. If you’re a homeowner, that means spring landscaping is already on your mind. (more…)

Our Grass Is Always Greener — Lawn Care Tips From The Pros

March 2018

Lawns have remained a desirable element of a beautiful landscape for centuries. The first lawns were owned by royalty and served as status symbols, so it’s no surprise an exquisite lawn improves curb appeal increasing the value of the home. But, there are many other reasons so many homeowners opt for a lawn. Some feel it brings them closer to nature, and enjoy spending time feeling the soft grass beneath their feet. Others simply consider a lush lawn a symbol of summer and look forward to countless hours enjoying their lush landscape with family and friends. The smell of freshly mowed grass has even been found by researchers to improve overall mood and longevity. (more…)

Is Your Landscape Lush & Healthy?

February 2018

See Examples Of Lush & Healthy Portland Landscapes When you walk or drive by an amazing yard, resplendent with vibrant colors and thriving plants, you can’t help but notice it. Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve and maintain such a lush and healthy landscape? (more…)

Outdoor Living Space Makeovers: An Elegant Backdrop For A Wedding

January 2018

Creating Custom Outdoor Kitchens With Style

Hillsboro Makeover: A Form+Function Success (more…)

Design Your New Summer Outdoor Living Space This Winter

November 2017

Plan Hardscaping Projects Now So They’re Ready To Enjoy When You Are You know the expression, “there’s no time like the present?” Every spring we receive calls for patio updates and hardscaping projects. Unfortunately, by then we’re already booked solid! Winter is the perfect time to start planning hardscaping projects you’d like to have completed before summer. We want you to enjoy your outdoor living area renovations as soon as they’re done, so let’s get to it. Let us walk you through planning steps for your hardscaping projects. Take time now to plan ahead, and the outdoor living space you’re dreaming of will be ready for you when the warm weather returns. (more…)

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Area All Year Long – Add the Perfect Covered Structure

July 2017

outdoor-covered-structure-roof-design-300x199Covered outdoor living areas offer a year-round oasis for relaxing and entertaining. Landscape East & West will work with you to create a unique patio cover, pergola, or other covered structure that’s perfect for your landscape. Because covered patios and decks have become a sought-after element among homebuyers, homes with covered structures tend to earn a higher resale price. A wood pergola or other covered structure adds functional square footage to the home, extending your usable living space. After adding a covered outdoor structure, many homeowners find they enjoy the outdoors more frequently throughout the year. And in our drizzly Pacific Northwest climate, being able to enjoy the outdoors for more of the year is a huge plus. (more…)

Thriving Plants & Hardiness Zones: Tips from Portland Landscapers

December 2014

Portland Landscaping GardenThe exclamation “Location, location, location!” is typically applied to the world of real estate, but it applies equally well to gardening. Landscaping experts the world over appreciate the importance of selecting the correct plants for local climates. In this post we go into detail about location-based landscaping in Portland. We discuss climate zones and hardiness zones, two measuring sticks that green thumbs use to categorize which plants will thrive where. We also touch on which plants thrive in Portland. (more…)

5 Ways to Improve Patio Designs for Portland Landscaping by Christin Bryk

October 2013

Portland Patio Design with Steps and ColumnsHere in the temperate Pacific Northwest, many homeowners dream of having an outdoor living space that they can enjoy all year round. Winter temperatures in this part of the country tend to stay above freezing, so it’s possible to enjoy a backyard oasis 365 days per year. Patios are a popular way to create an outdoor living space. (more…)

Lawn Care: Portland Landscaping Maintenance Tips by Eric Johansson at Landscape East & West

August 2013

Landscaping Portland Lawn CareFor many Americans, a lush lawn is a must-have for their dream homes. And considering the history of the common lawn, it’s easy to see why. The first lawns were status symbols—signs of power that cropped up at Louis the Sixteenth’s gardens at Versailles. The European trend of creating lawn “pleasure grounds” soon crossed the Atlantic; landed aristocrats including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had English-style lawns at their American abodes. However, when it comes to Portland, Oregon landscaping, a lawn may just be a small, well-tended area surrounded by native plants and creative landscaping. (more…)

Tips on French Drains, Landscaping for Drainage & More by Alex Konopka, Landscape East & West

April 2013

In places like Portland, proper water management is crucial. Otherwise, homeowners will suffer soggy, unusable yards and leaky basements. Our water management services offer several landscaping for drainage solutions, including French drains. (more…)
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