Month: November 2011

5 Reasons to Add a Landscape Water Feature

November 30, 2011

Water Features | Water FountainsLandscaping professionals are often hired to install water features. Portland homes are especially well suited for water features, as the mild climate of the Rose City allows water fountains to flow nearly year-round. Below, you’ll find a list of benefits accrued from adding landscaping water features to your property. (more…)

5 Tips for Better HOA Landscape Maintenance

November 28, 2011

housesTypically, landscaping represents one of the largest annual item in an HOA committee’s budget. Moreover, because residents see the HOA landscape every day, landscaping is a highly visible HOA maintenance responsibility. Portland and Lake Oswego landscaping experts recommend that HOA leaders follow the tips below to achieve superior HOA landscape maintenance. (more…)

Winter Garden and Landscaping Tasks

November 22, 2011

snowingWinter: It’s time to sit back on your laurels, cozy up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, and ignore the garden, right? Well, not quite. Sure, landscaping companies tend to see less business in winter months. However, that may be because many consumers are unaware that springtime growth will be much stronger if a few key winter tasks are performed for landscaping. Portland and Hillsboro landscaping services recommend that homeowners perform the following winter garden tasks. (more…)

Pros and Cons of Landscape Water Features

November 18, 2011

Water FeaturesA landscape water feature is a great way to incorporate art into your outdoor living space. Whether the feature is a focal point in your landscape or simply a complementary piece, water feature designs serve more than an aesthetic purpose; the sound of trickling water can help you relax and feel calm. (more…)

Outdoor Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

November 10, 2011

Portland Outdoor LightingThere are multiple benefits to adding outdoor lighting to your home’s landscape design. For instance, a well-lit yard deters would-be burglars. On the other end of the social spectrum, guests feel more welcome and safe when your home’s exterior is brightened with outdoor lighting. (more…)

4 Landscape Lighting Tips to Increase Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal

November 03, 2011

Outdoor-Lighting-LED-UplightsLess daylight and less flattering weather conditions contribute to a weaker housing market in the winter months. Oftentimes, winter landscapes are drab and dreary. To top it off, potential homebuyers often view homes in the late afternoon and evening, when it’s already dark in the winter. (more…)

7 Tips for Winterizing Your Portland Landscaping

November 01, 2011

Lawn Care Front YardProper landscaping maintenance requires gardeners to complete different tasks in different seasons. Planting is usually done in the spring, weeding and watering in the summer, and harvesting in the fall. (more…)